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Join us for a festive Easter Brunch!  Bring your family together and enjoy a slow morning together.

The children will be entertained by the Easter bunny. Our chefs are preparing various festive meals and desserts for your Easter family gatherings.

Brunch - 11:30-15:00
Easter bunny entertainment for children - 12:00-14:00

Price per person - 25 EUR. Children up to 12 years old - half price.
Reservations: +370 640 25879


Cold snacks:

Lightly smoked salmon fillet with marinated seaweed salad with sesame

Layered tuna snack

Pepper pork with minced mushrooms, paradise apples and greens

Chicken and prune crostini with fresh cream cheese and nuts

Assortment of hard and soft cheeses

Roasted beets with Indian spices, nuts, mustard, chimichurri and balsamic

Assortment of pickled vegetables

Chickpea hummus with fresh vegetables

Marinated zucchini, hard cheese, parsley salad with garlic and herb dressing

Melon, cured ham and mozzarella salad

An assortment of bread and croissants

Natural yogurt with chia and mashed peaches

Colored eggs with horseradish sauce

Hot dishes:

Slow-roasted lamb with brisket in whiskey sauce

Slow-braised beef shanks with meat broth sauce

Fried butterfish with lime, coconut and lemongrass sauce

Grill butternut squash/ green beans/ chickpeas/ cottage cheese/ spinach/ chimichurri

Crispy cauliflower with crumbs and savory sauce

Baby fries with honey and grainy mustard

Black lentil and brunoise vegetable salad with hard cheese

American pancakes with maple syrup/chocolate/caramel

Belgian waffles with maple syrup/chocolate/caramel



Easter dessert corner

Layered jelly dessert with berries

Seasonal fruit salad

Two senses brunch
Two senses brunch
Two Senses brunch
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